What is love means? Love its exist since the birth of the worlds. And every experts and poets of poetry have their own definitions based on their experience about love in their time in the earth. Who are they, who publish theories about what is love means?

When we begin to ask, “What is love?”. This question often arise when we wonder if there is a vibration to someone, who we attracted. It might also arise in another way, when we doubt about determination that our partner has.

It is very difficult to draw conclusion about the meaning of love. We must see LOVE from various perspectives, so we get capable of interpreting love since LOVE is present and real but its abstract in the same time.

Like GRAVITY. We can feel. We can see. But it is invisible.

Since a long time ago, many people have sought to define and interpret love. Someone began to contemplate from sociology perspective, some from psychology perspective, some from literature perspecitive and other from scientific theory. However, there is no one who can manifest what is love means in quotes perfectly.

No wonder it is difficult. The vibration of feelings of love is different for each of us. For example, the love feeling between parents with their children, or love between friend will be different from love between lovers. Maybe this is the factor to know what is love means becoming difficult.

Quoting from Wikipedia, Love encompasses a range of strong and positive emoitional and mental states, from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection and to the simplest pleasure.

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Discussing about love is an interesting and endless topic. We will try to explain various things related to love,  starting from the definition of love in the opinion of various famous figures, love quote, and including humorious things in love.


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