easter gifts for kidsEaster is one of the days that kids always waiting for, thanks to their parents that always give chocolate and candy as holiday snacks. Also, Easter is where the fun game begins; the classic and traditional finding-the-Easter-eggs on the yard that could drive the kids crazy as they run here and there.

As parents, you can give something different to the kids when the Easter comes. Candies and chocolates are okay, but to spice things up you can add another gift for them. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy Easter gifts for kids because there are many alternatives that you can choose as the gifts.

We have a list of Easter gifts for kids ideas which are affordable, interactive, and kid-friendly. Let’s check out the following unique gifts for kids!

Top 10 Easter Gifts for Kids

1. Play-Doh Eggs Set Bundle

2 - Play-Doh Eggs Set Bundle for easter gifts

You need Easter Eggs for the egg hunt game in the backyard. If you have enough time to create DIY Easter eggs ideas, you can buy a set bundle of Play-Doh Eggs that comes in pastel tones. A set of it contains 12 eggs in different colors and the kids would be happy to try finding these eggs during the game.

2. Beautiful Doll

1 - Top 10 Easter Gifts for Kids Ideas

When boys love toys, the girls would prefer dolls. So, you can come up with the idea of giving her beautiful doll. Like the Jellycat Blossom Posy Bunny that you can get on Amazon for just $23! This cute stuffed bunny would make your daughter happy because it’s soft and unique. The floral design and fluffy fur makes it comfortable to snuggle.

3. Bunny Ear Headband and Rabbit Hat

4 - rabbit hat for kids

Actually, it’s not just a gift. But it’s also the accessories you need during the egg hunt. It would make sense that the kids will act like bunnies that try to find their nests which containing the Easter eggs. The girl would get the rose-gold glittery bunny ears meanwhile the boys get the colorful rabbit hat. This one’s the best Easter outfit there is!

4. Bunny Easter Basket

3 - Bunny Easter Basket

Another item that you can give to the kids as Easter gift is the Bunny Easter Basket. Throw away the regular wooden basket and use this basket instead, it’s whimsical and giving you extra room on the inside. Now the kids have something to store the Easter eggs, toys, and treats.

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5. Crayola Crayon Chalk

5 - Crayola Crayon Chalk

Kids love to draw! Now you can help them develop their imaginations by choosing Crayola Outdoor Glitter Chalk as Easter gifts for kids. The colors and the glitters would make them happy as they have new crayon. Also, the parents shouldn’t be worry as it’s washable and kids-friendly. Each pack comes in 5 different colors and rectangular shape that makes them easy to hold by the kids.

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6. Realistic Dinosaur Figure

6 - realistic dinosaur figure

The boys’ dream would come true as they get this item for Easter. The mini-scale dinosaur figure is available in different types, such as Pterodactyl, Rhinoceros, or the infamous T-Rex. The action figure can make sounds that make it more realistic and bring Jurassic vibes.

7. Mix and Match Animals

7 - mix and match animals - easter gift for kids

This toy helps the kids with the logical and chronological thinking. The kids need to assemble two-piece figure and with little re-arranging, they should shape the pieces into an animal. This one’s suitable as Easter gifts for toddler.

8. Shark Kite

8 - shark kite

It’s always fun to play outside the house with the whole friends on the neighborhood. And when the weather is nice, they would love to fly the Shark-shaped kite, which could be an extra gift during the Easter egg hunt. The kite is also available in different shape or color that you can choose depends on your desire.

9. LEGO Easter Edition

9 - LEGO easter editions for easter gift

LEGO always release special edition in several occasions. When the Easter comes, you can buy the LEGO Easter Edition where the kids can re-create Easter tradition with this item. It contains 153 pieces to build kitchen and small garden.

10. The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story

10 - berenstain bears story

The kids always love that bed-time story when you share funny or inspirational story before they are asleep. For the Easter, the kids would like to get a book with Easter Story in it. The kids would learn about the meaning of Easter thanks to Jan and Mike Berenstain that write about Brother, Sister, and Honey Bear.

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