Tips for online dating conversations – Looking for someone to date is easier this day thanks to technology that gives us plenty of dating apps. For you who needs reference for dating apps, I recommend Bumble, Tinder, or Match since it’s has many user so you get higher chance to find the special one! But keep the conversation going during the virtual date is not as easy as it seems.

This is where the tricky part happens; you need to keep the conversation alive to attract him/her to get to know each other before you meet in person on the real life. Lucky for you we have tips for online dating conversations that will help you to keep in touch with your partner that’s still far far away. Here the DON’Ts and DO’s online-dating conversation starters!

Tips for Online Dating Conversations

3 Things You DON’Ts

the things you must not do at online dating conversations

1. Nothing Sexual

Some people use online dating apps for different purpose. If you want to find the one to love, there shouldn’t be any sexual message – whether it is in text or picture. Please show some respect even though you don’t know him/her or you use fake ID and picture on the dating apps. Also, you need to be careful since there are a lot of perverts that hide behind the dating apps because everyone could be the victims.

2. No Cute-calling

It’s different with the cat-calling. The Cute-calling is when someone call you with babe, sweetie, honey, or anything else and the creepiest thing is that you don’t know who they are. It is annoying and not everyone can take this even though you have a good intention to give compliment. So call with name in general or you can ask about how you should call him/her.

3. Don’t be Demanding

I know that everyone wants good and fast response when it comes about online conversation. But keep in mind that other person has some errands to do too. Besides, the real life is unpredictable so don’t be demanding if he/she doesn’t reply soon.

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3 Things You Must DO

the things you must do at online dating conversations

1. Good Questions

A good conversation should happen back and forth, not the other way around. And that only happens when you bring a good question. Don’t ask yes-or-no question. Instead, use exploration question that will lead for more answers. It’s hard to know the right topic to throw, but you can just give random question until you find the perfect topic to keep the conversation alive. For starters, ask about his/her bio, profile picture, or favorite things to do on the weekend.

2. Right Amount of Flirting

I know that it’s hard not to flirting someone during the conversation. But too much flirting can make the bird go away. You need to know when the right time to flirting and have some fun with it. Keep in mind that flirting too early can be a turn off while no flirting at all is not the point of online dating. You need to know the signal and once you find it, do it properly!

3. Be Honest with Your Purpose

At some points, you need to be honest with the purpose you use the dating apps. If you are really looking for a partner, it is okay to ask for meeting in real life. It’s bold and risky at the same time, but you need to make a move or you will just stand where you are today and there’s no progress whatsoever. And if you use the app for have some fun or keep you accompanied during the night shift, for example, then tell them just in case they put high hopes on you.

Those are the tips for online dating conversations that could help you the next time you find someone attractive on dating apps. Stick with those rules and you just to be fine during the online-dating session.

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