Tips for managing conflict – Sometimes there’s a moment in life where we could not hold the anger. It is normal because as a human being, we have feelings and sometimes we should express and let it out. Either it is a happy, sad, or angry we need to express it to help the body relieve the chemical substance. And when it comes about anger, we need to manage and control it carefully because it could lead to negative outcome that will become handicap for us. It is different with happy or sad feelings that should be channeling by expression. You can smile, you can laugh, you can cry, you can melancholy, but when it comes about burst out of the anger, it would be better to control it as good as you can.

One of the things that could lead to anger is conflict. It could happens in your relationship, workplace, or even at home with the other family members. Keep in mind that conflict will always happen everywhere you go because each person has different perspective about particular things. And when there is something that crosses the boundaries, whether we want it or not, we can avoid the conflict to happen. That’s when the situation is not the same anymore. Just because we can’t avoid conflict doesn’t mean that we couldn’t solve it. Instead we must find the best solution so that the conflict solved soon and there are no more disputes!

In order to overcome conflict, we have list of tips for managing conflicts that you can do to find the solution and prevent the conflict happens again in the future. These are the suggestions that you can try resolving conflict as part of anger management.

10 Tips for Managing Conflict

#1 : Accept It

tips for managing conflict - 1 - accept it

As what we stated before, whether we want it or not conflict could happen wherever we go as long as there are humans. Our brains are designed to work the way we want and when we can accept a new value from others, conflict appears. Just accept it as part of life, not because we can’t avoid it but rather conflicts will help us grow into better person. By accepting the case, at least you can make a peace with yourself.

#2 : Be Calm and Keep It!

tips for managing conflict - 2 - be calm and keep it

Sometimes we can’t hold the anger when we face particular conflicts. But in any situation, you are not allowed to lose control of your ego. I know it is hard, but you should be calm as possible. In order to make it happen, you can make a plan about every possible event that could happen when the conflict rises.

#3 : Map the Conflicts

tips for conflict management - 3 - map the conflicts

Once you can control yourself by accepting it and react to any possible events, try to map the conflicts by analyzing what triggered the disputes. You can start asking question yourself with ‘What’ to know the trigger and then follow up with ‘Who’ to find the objects. And then the following questions such as ‘Why you need to be angry?’, ‘When’s the best time to avoid or face it’, until you find all the answers that lead to ‘How to resolve the conflicts’.

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#4 : Understand is Better than to be Understood

tips for managing conflict - 4 - undestand is better than to be understood

After questioning yourself about few things, it would be better to reflect on yourself as part of growing up to be a better person. Don’t try to be a person that thinks ‘I’m always right and you were wrong’. It is the time you think about someone else and try to understand them from their points of view. Maybe, this method will help you to understand the ‘miss’ that triggered the conflict.

#5 : Never Try to Hurt Them Back

tips for conflict management - 5 - never try to hurt them back

I know that this is something that impossible to do, especially when a person hurt us first, it is not easy not to give them a sweet revenge. But if you can try to understand them instead always want to be understood, I think you can handle this one too! In the long term, this method will give you advantages you can’t even imagine now. Just never try to hurt them if you are being hurt first.

#6 : Walk Away, Now!

tips for managing conflict - 6 - walk away now

Create an imaginary limit about the moment you can handle the situation and that time where you are about to give up and express your anger. Once you think the blood pressure rises and about to get angry, walk away now!

#7 : Respect, Respect, and Respect

tips for managing conflict - 7 - respect, respect and respect

When the conflicts happen in the workplace, it turns into bad environment to do your job properly. Whether you want it or not, you need to maintain the credibility and pay respect to fellow co-workers. We don’t know what would happen in the future, but one thing for sure, there’s a chance you will need help from the co-workers.

#8 : Try to Talk

tips for managing conflict - 8 - try to talk

At this point, you’ve done a lot to yourself by holding the anger, be passive, and try to accept whatever have happened during the conflicts. Now is the time to talk it out with the person or people to discuss about the conflicts. Keep in mind that the discussion is not trying to prove which one is wrong and which one is right. Don’t you dare to blame other people even if it was true. Be active and try to understand others so you can find the core and create solution out of it.

#9 : Be Proactive

tips for managing conflict - 9 - be proactive

Once you find the core that leads to conflicts, then it is the time to be proactive. You need to accommodate others and vice versa. Understanding is the key to succeed in preventing the conflicts rise up in the future. Working to solve conflicts is two-people job so you need to share everything openly and try to give positive feedback about it. Make sure that from this point, you need to discuss everything front, not behind each other’s back.

#10 : Move On

tips for managing conflict - 10 - move on

Once it is solved, move on with what have happened because it’s already done. There’s no advantage to bring up the past that can actually create new conflicts.


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