The words ‘I love you‘ often said to show that we care about such a person. But it doesn’t mean a thing if we don’t make a move to show our love, right? That’s why sometimes we show someone that we love them with a kiss. Either it’s on the cheek, lips, or forehead, kiss still a kiss. It is a simple gesture that we love and care for someone. Why do we kiss though?

Believe it or not, there’s such a subject to study kissing and those who become expert in this field is called Philematologists. Even though they aren’t sure why human like to do this gesture, the most likely theory is that the primate or birds mothers feeding their babies by passing the chewing food to their helpless babies. Then the lip to lip contact evolves not just an act to give food but also showing affection and strengthen the bond. Regardless the history of lip kissing, we are as human being tend to kiss our partners, pets, babies, and even our friends as the expression of love.

And guess what? There’s science behind of all kisses depend on who you’re kissing!

4 Reasons Why Do We Kiss

1. Keep the Men Monogamous

Study in 2013 shows that kissing make the brain release the oxytocin hormone, which referred as “love hormone” since it stirs up feelings of attachment and love. The Oxytocin is also important to help men bond with the partner to stay monogamous.

2. Kissing Is Addictive

Our body is amazing thanks to the “Happy Hormone” that appears only when we feel comfortable and makes us feel better. The Dopamine effect on the brain releases during the kissing session gives you happy effect. The more you have dopamine in your brain, the more your body wants it. It’s not surprising that kissing is addictive and we always want it more and more.

3. The Gate to Sex

The research shows that for women, kissing is the gate to sex. The female participants mentioned that they won’t have sex with someone without kissing first. Also, the way men kiss women is crucial as it can turn ‘it’ on and off. So let’s be honest with each other about how you want they kiss you, is it French kissed or just smooching lips.

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4. It’s Instinctual

Remember this morning you kiss the kids before they go to school? Do you do it conscious or instinctually? Well, our lips have nerve endings so when we press them against another skin or object, it just feels good. Plus, the ‘love and happy hormones’ are released at once and drives us to do it subconsciously.

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Why Do We Kiss with Our Eyes Closed?

why do we kiss with our eyes closed

The unique part about kissing is that when we kiss, we tend to close our eyes while sharing it to others. Does it ever bother you and suddenly you ask ‘why do we kiss with our eyes closed?’. You might think that we kiss with our eyes closed because the vision couldn’t focus on something that too close to our face. But scientists have different theory about this case.

Psychologists at Royal Holloway University of London revealed that human brain can’t cope with the blend of visual data and the tactile sensation of sharing a kiss. At some points, the brain need to be focus and in order to help it we should close our eyes. You can’t read the Braille with your eyes opened but with eyes closed and a little bit exercise, you can read the Braille book.

That’s the answer why we tend to close our eyes when we sharing a kiss. Anyway, have you kissed your love today?

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