Quotes for Friends on Valentine’s day – Some of you may already know that based on it’s history, Valentine’s day is not only a day to celebrate romantic love. It is a day to commemorate the death of a Priest named Valentine, who jailed and later beheaded by Emperor Claudius II on 14th of February for helping Christian couples wed (at that time, all marriages and engagements in Rome were banned by Emperor Claudius II). For his great service, Valentine was named a saint after his death and the day of his death known as Valentine’s day. Since then, people exchanging love cards, flowers, and chocholate with their lover, family, and friends on Valentine’s day as a symbol of universal love.

This year, you can celebrate Valentine’s day with your friends by sending gifts and valentine cards with friendship messages that warms their heart. You can also post photos of you and your friends with an inspiring caption on social media. If you run out of ideas to write messages on your valentine cards or photo caption on your social media, you can copy 20 Quotes for Friends on Valentine’s day below. May your valentine’s day be filled of love, joy, and happiness!

20 Quotes for Friends on Valentine’s day

20 Quotes for Friends on Valentine's Day

“Friendship is all about understanding. It is all about forgiving. It is all about fighting and then finding it so hard to stay angry. Moreover, it is about loving unconditionally. Happy Valentine’s day my friend.” – Unknown

“Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.” – Jean de La Fontaine

“Nobody can avoid falling in love. They might want to deny it, but friendship is probably the most common form of love.” — Stieg Larsson

“There’s nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocholate.” – Linda Grayson

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“Friendship is another word for love.” — Unknown

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“In the cookie of life, friends are chocholate chips.” – Salman Rushdie

“That’s the thing about friendship, it’s a lot rarer than love, because there is nothing in it for any body.” — Owen Wilson

“Friendship leaves marks even more deeply than love. Love risk degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything than sharing. ” – Elie Wiesel

“There is an important difference between love and friendship. While the former delights in extremes and opposites, the latter demands equality.” — Francoise D’Aubegne Maintenon

“Friendship always benefits, love sometimes injures.” — Seneca

“Friendship is really the finest balm for the pags of dissapointed love.” – Jane Austen

“Boyfriends come and go, but friends are forever!” — Unknown

“A true best friend really loves you even when it seems like you’ve  gone off the deep end.” – Liz Fenton

“Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.”– Woodrow T. Wilson

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“A friend is someone you want to be around when you feel like being alone.” — Barbara Burrow

“Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.” — Unknown

“A friend is someone who makes it easy to believe in yourself.” – Heidi Wills

“Friends are as companions on a journey, who ought to aid each other to persevere in the road to a happier life.” — Pythagoras

“A good friend knows all your stories. A best friend helps you create them.” — Unknown

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