Myth about parenthood – Being a parent is complex task that comes with a string of rules. What you were taught by your parents might not be applicable when it comes to you raising your own kids. Some rules come from when your own parents were raised decades ago. Some rules are established based on old research that is no longer relevant today. Some rules are so old they become a myth, which could lead to a series of wrong choices in the process.

8 Myth About Parenthood

Myth 1. Don’t Pick Them Up

Myth : Your baby will be a spoiled human being if you keep picking them up when they cry.

Truth : A newborn can’t be spoiled … as simple as that. The baby calms down after you pick them up because they need you to. Did you know that a baby will cry and then calm down when you pick them up for at least 6 months since birth? How would you spoil a baby if all that a baby knows is to cry? But the most important thing here is that your baby can see that you respond very well to whatever they need.

Myth 2. Sugar

Myth : Sugar + kids = hyper.

Truth : No, there is no scientific support to this belief. The time is high for you to correct your way of thinking. Sugar alone isn’t responsible for an adrenaline surge. Anything that plays a role in controlling blood-sugar levels can do such thing. The point here is the fact that foods high in sugar are not known to be high in fiber. Fiber, mind you, helps regulate the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. In the absence of fiber, your kid’s bloodstream is oversaturated with sugar, causing adrenaline surge and a burst of energy in the process.

Myth 3. Bubble Up

Myth : When you’re pregnant, you grow full-size feet.

Truth : Your feet are only half a size larger than usual. This is a natural response to pregnancies. You bloat up during pregnancy and you gain more weight in the process. Your body responds by enlarging not only your feet but also your blood vessels, muscles, soft tissues, and bones so much so that the changes are permanent.

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Myth 4. Respect

Myth : Saying, “I’m your mother and I said so” is bad.

Truth : The sentence is actually effective enough to end a conversation that turns into an inappropriate negotiation. However, make sure that you have made your point in a way that is clear to your kid. If your kid continues on arguing and asking you why more than twice, you are allowed to use the sentence mentioned above. At that point, your kid is no longer genuinely asking you about the reason but rather trying to pick a fight. Your goal has now shifted from trying to make your kid understand to ending the conversation quickly.

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Myth 5. Don’t Bribe

Myth : It’s a bad idea to bribe your kid.

Truth : In many cases, this might be true. However, if you have made sure that you don’t resort to it 98% of the time, the other 2% could do you a big help when it comes to dealing with your kid acting out. For example, bribing would be an acceptable solution to you wanting your kid to sit still and remain calm during the wedding ceremony of your, say, friend. The reason why you should never resort to bribery whenever possible is that it is an act that costs you some money. Also, bribery isn’t that effective in the long run.

Myth 6. Never Fight

Myth : Children should never see their parents fighting.

Truth : This myth is only true by conditions. You can fight in front of your kid only and only if you can go through it all in a mature way, discussing anything about differences in a conversation that is blame-free and in a voice that is low in volume and calm in tone. Done the right way, you might end up teaching your kid one or two valuable things about conflict resolution. However, if you think that the fight is going to get nasty, keep in mind that it can be very frightening for your kid to see their parents arguing rather passionately. Also, kids tend to blame themselves whenever they see their parents fighting. In this case, be thoughtful and considerate and take it all outside.

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Myth 7. Rapid Development

Myth : The earlier babies walk and talk, the brightest they are in their peer group.

Truth : While it’s great to see your kid develop higher mental and physical ability, both don’t really play an important role in the grander picture. Kids with delayed development may have some issues but it doesn’t mean it works the other way around. IQ is not related to nerve growth, which will take place when it does anyway.

Myth 8. No Sex

Myth : Say goodbye to sex life once the baby arrives.

Truth : Your sex life is only ruined during the first few months when you both are too  exhausted.

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