Gift ideas for men – In the 5 Love Languages, a popular relationship book, Dr. Chapman says one of the success keys of relationship is Receiving Gifts. I agree with that because who doesn’t like receiving gifts? It doesn’t matter if it is birthday, promotion at work, or another small celebration for achieving your goals, gifts are reward for yourself for certain reason. In term of relationship, the gift also means that a person cares about you. And when you give a gift to your partner it would be mean so much for them because it shows that you care.

It’s easy for men that want to give a surprise for their girlfriends because you can get the common gifts such as flower, dolls, or perfume. But for women, it’s hard to dig into what men want. So, we suggest you to choose a gift that match with his personality. If your boyfriend likes adventure, then you can give him something that would be useful for his hobby. But it’s okay if you haven’t found the perfect gift for men as we have the 10 gifts ideas for men. Check it out!

10 Gift Ideas For Men

#1 : Wallet

Most of men didn’t even care about their wallet. Trust me. Man is a simple creature so when it comes about wallet, they only buy one and never thought of getting a new one unless it was stolen! So, if you want to buy your man a gift, wallet is on the top of the list. It is a simple gift and useful for their daily life. Plus, they will always bring your gift wherever they go.

#2 : Leather Jacket

Another gift for men is a leather jacket. This will be a perfect gift because men are masculine human beings. Leather jackets will make men look cooler and confident. No wonder if every man will always be happy to receive this gift. There are many choices of leather jackets that can be bought at clothing stores. Make sure you choose a jacket with genuine leather even though the price is a bit expensive. And if you decide to choose the faux leather, make sure you choice quality above everything.

#3 : Love Pillow

This gift might not sound too cool to a man’s eyes. But not all gifts are always seen from a man’s perspective. Love pillows can be an expression of your love for your partner. This also shows the feminism side where you, as a woman, always want a man who always be there for you. The Love Pillow will always be in the bedroom anytime and anywhere so your partner always remembers you every night.

#4 : Couple Shirts

An alternative gift ideas for men is to make personalized couple shirts. You can find couple shirts that sold in the online market. But if you want something different, you can choose a special design that is not the same as other couple shirts. This way you will get a unique couple shirt, different from the others, and of course romantic. Now you have something that can be shared when walking in the park or while on a date. On the other hand, couple shirts could represent your bond of love.

#5 : Photo Collage

If you are a creative person, why not make your own gift? There are many DIY gift for men that you can try to make. But if you don’t have much time to prepare it, then you can make your own photo collage. You only need to select some of the best photos with the partner on your phone’s memory, print them, and combine some of them in collage frame. You can buy a frame and then gives a final touch to enhance its appearance. Tada! You have a unique gift that symbolizes your love story since the beginning.

#6 : Books

Choosing a book as a gift might be ordinary. But books can deliver messages to men. Sometimes we find it difficult to communicate our desires to a partner so giving a book can be the best way to help them change. It’s just that you need to choose the right book. If you want to help men understand more about finance, for example, just give a book about finance so that they will know more about this topic. Indirectly, books will help improve your relationship in a better direction.

#7 : Poster

This gift is only valid if a man has a special hobby or has a certain idol. Giving a poster with a picture of his favorite idol or figure is the best way to give a gift. The poster will bring men to remember their childhood memories where their rooms are filled with images of the idol. Now, you are doing the right thing because you managed to bring it back to the past and help him remember his childhood idol.

#8 : Handmade Gift

It takes hard work and also dedication to make a handmade gift. But when you see your partner smile from ear to ear with what he gets, all the time that spent and hard work is paid off completely! There are some handmade gift ideas for men, such as leather keychain, wood slice with quotes from his idol, personalize mini beer crate, etc. If you plan to make a handmade gift then you have to think about it wisely. Consider what he likes and your ability to make handmade gifts. Don’t hesitate to ask the expert for help if you find obstacle while making it. Thus you can give the best gift for your lovely man!

#9 : Short Video

There are many creative ways that can be done by maximizing the contents of your phone’s gallery. Instead of creating photo collage, you can make a short video about your love journey from the first time you meet until now. Take some video footage and combine it so that it has a storyline. With a combination of romantic backsound, high-quality editing, and strong messages will make the short videos as the best gift for our partners.

#10 : You!

Last but not least, your presence is the most important thing on his birthday. Sometimes the most wonderful gifts are not only valuable items, but your presence that always accompanies, provides support, and gives undivided attention is very meaningful for him. Regardless of the type of gift you gave, make sure you are always at his side. Love him. Sincerely.

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