Good First Date Ideas – If your crush suddenly ask you out for a first date, you have to plan it well to make sure that it won’t be a boring date. In this article, you will find some good first date ideas for fun and romantic first date that you can choose according to your personality.

Fun First Date

Fun First Date

If your date is a fun and easy going person, you can plan some playful activities for your first date. Your date will get excited and probably ask you for a second date!

1. Go to an Amusement Park

Go to an Amusement Park

Nobody will get bored of an amusement park! There are so many things that you can do in this place. You can revive your childhood memories by riding carousel, pump some adrenaline by riding a roller coaster or see your city from a height in the ferris wheel. It will be exciting and memorable!

2. Attend a Comedy Night

Attend a Comedy Night

If you both loves humor, attend a comedy night is one of the good first date ideas for you. A reasearch by Jeffrey A. Hall that published in the journal “Evolutionary Psychology” (2015) proves that couples who share the same sense of humor and laugh together are more likely to stay together longer. Moreover, nothing feels better than laughing together with your favorite person.

3. Visit a Haunted House

Visit a Haunted House

Visit a scary haunted house or join a haunted city tour in the night can be a good first date idea to make your date more attractive. Psychology Advisor Art Markman, Ph.D. said that if we do some scary activities, our overall arousal level will increased. When the scary activities are over, the arousal doesn’t disappear right away. We’ll still have some energy in our system. That energy will go into what is going on in our life. So if your date attracted to you, he/she can get more attracted after doing scary activities.

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4. Go to an Escape Room

Go to an Escape Room

Want a unique and unusual activity for your first date? Go to an escape room! You can test your teamwork and find out your date’s personality through the game. You can see whether your date dominates the team or not, how he/she solves problems, and how he/she behaves in a stressful situation. Most escape rooms require 6 – 8 players. So don’t forget to take other couples with you.

5. Go on a Treasure Hunt

Go on a Treasure Hunt

Another fun team-building activity that you can do on your first date is go on a treasury hunt. This activity can reveal your date’s character and pump your adrenaline at once.

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Romantic First Date

Romantic First Date

Does your date loves romantic things? Source of Lufu has the best first date ideas that will make your first date full of romance and unforgettable! You can combine two or more ideas below for your first date.

1. Go to a Coffee Shop or Tea Room

Go to a Coffee Shop or Tea Room

This is the most common activity that a romantic couple will do on the first date, even if you are not a coffee or tea lover (because you can order another drink). Pick a quiet coffee shop or tea room so you can have an intimate conversation without many interruptions.

2. Watch a Live Music

Watch a Live Music

If your date is a music lover, she/he surely will enjoy watching live music with you. Some restaurants and cafes provide live music on certain days with different type of music. So, before you ask your date out, make sure that you know your date’s favorite music and musicians so you can take your date to the right place.

3. Take a Cooking or Baking Class

Take a Cooking or Baking Class

Even if cooking or baking is not your thing, take a cooking or baking class together with your date will be fun! Same as playing in the escape room or go in a treasure hunt, cooking and baking with your date is a team-building activity that can bring you closer to your date. You will prepare groceries, cook, and enjoy your meal together. Those activities can help you to know your date’s personality. Moreover, you can learn new cooking or baking skill in the class.

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4. Visit an Art Gallery

Visit an Art Gallery

If you and your date love art, dating in a place that full of beautiful paintings, photographs, and sculptures can be one of cute first date ideas. Just take your date to an art gallery, and you can enjoy the artwork all day without even buying it.

5. Pick Some Fruits at a Farm

Pick Some Fruits at a Farm

Walking through the farm and picking your favorite fruits with your favorite person can be a pleasant escape from your daily routine. Picking fruit at the farm will take a long time, so you can have a long conversation on that day. After that, you can process the fruits you picked into a fruit pie, fruit cake, juice, or smoothies and enjoy it with your date!

That was 10 good first date ideas for fun and romantic date. Which one idea you want to try? Let us know by your comment below!

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