first date tips for men – That moment when she said ‘yes’ to your dating invitation is one step closer to get her right into your arms. I know that it is too early to think about your future relationship but hey, at least she has the sparks inside her heart. The next thing you should do is to make sure that everything’s perfect during the first date.

This is a crucial moment because since now you are getting her attention, the first date would be the time to explore and get to know about each other. And it’s okay if you have no clue of what you should do for a successful first date. Chill out and relax! Here’s the guide of first date tips for men that want to impress his beloved girls!

6 First Date Tips for Men

1. Dress to Impress

Dress to impress her

We’ve heard about ‘don’t to judge a book by its cover’ many times. But on the first date, the ‘cover’ is what attracts and catch her attention! She must have a high expectation about you and that’s your job to fulfill her assumption. Choose the best dress that makes you comfortable and confident in front of her. The way you dress also indicates that you care for her and you want to give the best. I recommend you to visit Alex Costa Youtube Channel to learn more about this stuff.

2. Give the Compliment First

give compliment for her in your first date

I know that sometimes it is awkward when you meet a person for the first time. Also you have no idea what to do or say. The least thing you can do is giving a simple compliment as the ice breaker. Don’t do jokes or anything stupid. Compliment is enough! You can say about her hair, her suit, or her new nail polish. A simple but genuine compliment can make her day and light up her mood. Noticing her details also indicate that you pay attention to her. She must have prepared and made huge effort before she met you.

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3. Don’t Do Interview

dont do interview

The common mistakes that made by men during their first date was asking question like he was interviewing for a new accountant. Jesss.. be creative with the questions! Also, it is not always your job to lead the conversation. You should know when to lead or just be a good listener for her.

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4. Make Her Smile

make her smile during your date

Experts spoil the key of dating advice for men that the simplest way to know whether the woman like you or not is about how she smiles. When she gives you fake or awkward smiles during the conversation, don’t be surprised if she rejects your invitation once you ask for the next meeting. I know it’s hard, especially if you’re not kind of guy who likes to tell jokes. But it’s not always jokes, as long as you can make her comfortable then you can make her showing the genuine smiles.

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5. Follow up After Date

Follow up After Date

Time flies when you have some fun with the one you like. Before the night ends, it’s okay to ask for the second date or about how you keep in touch with her next week. Or, it’s not always next week, is it? The thing is, follow up dating is a great way to assess whether she likes you back or not. Keep in mind that the key of proposing the next date is not to be assertive. Give her question that has open answer so she won’t be suppressed by your invitations. She needs time to decide too.

6. Goodbye Kiss or just a Hug

Goodbye kiss or just a hug her

The last date tips for guys would tease how far you know about body language. It’s hard to tell which one’s the best thing to do; kiss or just a hug. It also depends on the success rate of the date. But one thing for sure, you just know what to do at the end of the night based on the conversation you had on the first date. Trust me!

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