Dating tips for women – Dating is not as easy as it seems. Just because you succeeded at first doesn’t mean that you will always succeed the next time you date with different person. Also, dating is a tricky business because the table could turn at every moment. It is unpredictable! But, there’s still a chance to win the game as long as you know how to play the cards.

It doesn’t need to be genius to master the art of dating. As long as you know several rules and points that you need to keep, dating could lead you to find the perfect person that will forever always by your side. Here dating tips for women that want to make sure that their men will fall to their hearts!

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7 Dating Tips For Women

1. First Impression is IMPORTANT!

dating tips 1 - first impression is important

Can you see the capital letter? Yep, it’s that important to give the best first impression to your crush. Keep in mind that it doesn’t mean that you need to push yourself to be someone else. Just be yourself, but in a good possible way. Make sure you dress properly, put a simple yet charming makeup, and be confident. That’s the simplest way to show your inner beauty during the first impression session. You can visit to get outfit idea for your’s first date.

2. You Choose the Nest

dating tips 2 - you choose your nest

By nest, I mean the most comfortable restaurant, pub, or any place that you think it’s suitable with your persona. It’s not just making you feel confident and comfortable, but also a test for him to know your taste. If you think that he doesn’t like your taste, it would be a great natural selection as you don’t need to make hard decision about the next step.

3. Be Honest with What You Feel

dating tips 3 - Be Honest with What You Feel

Some women stuck on their own feelings as they try to hold them. What I’m trying to say is that if you think that you like him, just show and express your enthusiasm. It’s okay to let him know about your feelings. This trick is suitable for those who can’t play ‘Gives Mystery to be Sexy’ and those who find the perfect match. And it’s alright to show that you are annoyed or don’t want to take the following step after the first date. It’s better to run from the start line than joining the half-hearted race.

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4. The Limit

set the limit for exploration

Some say that dating is a phase where you need to get to know each other and a phase of exploration. So, I suggest you to set the limit about certain things, such as the sexual boundaries or any other private things you think important for you. Or sometimes it’s a simple thing, such as a dog or cat person. If you think he almost cross the limit and the boundaries you have set, then it’s time to stop it before it’s too late!

5. No Ex-Conversation

No Ex-Conversation in first dating

You need to keep what have happened in the past on that imaginary box, at least not in the beginning of dating. Please avoid the ‘ex’ conversation because any man doesn’t want their crush to talk about the ex boyfriend even though he’s the one that dumped you and broke your heart into million pieces. Instead, use this moment to get to know about his feeling and have some fun while riding the wave.

6. Be a Good Listener

Be a Good Listener because Men would love to be listened

It’s not just women that want to be listened. Men would love to be listened too! The next time you’ve done the talking, try to listen and understand him. The more stories you share, the better chance to get to know each other and share the same feeling. Listening also means that you care for him. It’s a simple act that brings a huge impact on your relationship.

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